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We Voice Your Application, Your Brand, Your Services. End to End. IIO is a Voice OS platform that provides voice to your services enabling hyper advanced conversational Brand/Customer experiences Voice makes all easier. Browse services, acquire information, make transactions, get support, play and have fun. Whatever your application, service, content or brand, we will give it a voice.

in IIO we help you to...

Design a Voice CX

Switching from interacting to conversate, requires reinventing relationships. IIO Consulting services will cover the Service Design providing an e2e unique approach.

A.I. and Voice Technologies as a new horizon that will impact companies at cross-functional level. Marketing, CX, Technology, Commerce and Logistics won’t be the same anymore. IIO will be there to help transform threats in opportunities.

Voice Search
Conversational Strategy
Conversational Design
Voice Branding
Voice Optimization
Computational Linguistic

Voice Your Apps

Conversational Marketing is now. Bot, Voice based services (including Amazon ‘Skills’ and Google ‘Actions’). Automation is out there to make business process effective and increase Sales – We provide services along the entire Customer Journey.

Prototyping Development
Legacy Systems / AI Integration
AI Custom Platform Development
UX Design & Development

Develop your projects

Both owned and third party based Natural Language Processing that enables hyper advanced conversational Brand/ Customer experiences.

Machine Learning + Data + Industry Knowledge to scale vertical areas up: it’s IIO A.I. Linguistic Modelling as a Service.

IIO is a Voice OS

Introducing IIO, our new open cross-platform AI driven VOICE Operating System: the first VOS is born.

Enabling voice interfaces to third party services and applications to make them be driven by AI «Voice tools» through an AI /Natural Language Processing platform, enabling hyper advanced conversational Brand/ Customer experiences.

It’s multi-channel (Mobile, Smart Spakers, TV, Devices) and cross-platform (Alexa, Google...) touchpoint to reshape Customer Journeys.

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Designed in Italy

IIO is multi-channel (Mobile, Smart Spakers, TV, Devices) and cross-platform (Alexa, Google...) touchpoint to reshape Customer Journeys.

Born in Italy, in the EU Community, IIO is natively complaint to the GDPR exceeding the limits of current No-EU VA platforms which have significant limitations in terms of services to be provided due to lack of privacy and security.

Open to integrate

IIO is not a chatbot that stands into external applications: external applications runs into the IIO enviroment through API and thanks to it, they reinvent their customer experience.

Starting as a B2B2C solution, to provide voice to any application, IIO will be a personal area, a personal assistant, a personal Media which is self-configured and hyper-personalized,able to recognize speakers through the most advanced post – cookie tracking methods (including vocal biometry and self-sovereign).

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The IIO team

IIO is made up of a team of talents directed by Andrea Cinelli.‚Äč

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